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Research Overview

In order to research and develop dental medical devices with excellent quality and stability,
it is necessary to accurately analyze the mechanical and chemical properties and the efficacy of the developed products.
In addition, it is essential to continuously respond to changes in regulations and standards of the ever-changing world market.

Vericom's R&D center is focusing on research and development of products with excellent properites as well as outstanding efficacy and
stability by working closely with in-house research center, QA/QC teams, domestic and foreign research institutes, universities, large corporate research institutes, certified rating agencies, dental clinics, dental laboratories, and foreign certification institutes.
Vericom's Production technology research center
Domestic and foreign research institutes, universities, large corporate research institutes


  • Professional research personnel specialized in polymeric composite materials and dispersion technology
  • Own Lab scale and Pilot scale manufacturing equipment
  • Ability to search and utilize new technologies via internal and external networks of the research center
Accredited evaluation agency, dental clinic, dental laboratories
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  • Equipment for analyzing physical properties, optical properties, curing characteristics, microstructures, and curing mechanisms
  • Equipment for product usability validation such as CAD/CAM, 3D Printers, etc.
  • Own biocompatibility test equipment such as cell viability test
  • Separate operation of specialized personnel related to various analysis equipment, usability, and biocompatibility evaluation
QA/QC teams, domestic and foreign certification agencies, consulting companies


  • Registration for approval of new products and management of approval of existing products
  • Review national regulations, standards and modifications
  • Possess a large number of professional manpower and specialized training in progress regularly
Based on the accumulated experience and technology related to the polymer-based composite resin system and high dispersion technology,
Vericom R&D Center is conducting research and development on dental biomaterials in various fields, including light-cured preservation composite resins, dental bonding systems, impression materials, root canal filling materials, preventive materials, and various dental laboratories materials,
as well as block materials for CAD/CAM systems and 3D printing resins, which are recently in the spotlight.
In addition, we collaborate with national research institutes, leading large corporations, and universities to consistently challenge ourselves in developing new medical technologies such as brand-new biomaterials implementing biomimetic technology, biocompatible bio-ceramic materials, medical 3D printing ceramic materials, and medical ceramic materials with improved performance and quality. We believe that our challenge will lead the company to become a "Small Giant" company in near future.
Medical/Industrial 3D Printing materials

Medical/ Industrial
3D Printing materials

Medical cement materials

Medical cement materials

Bio-materials using biomimetics

Bio-materials using biomimetics

Bio-friendly ceramic materials

Biocompatible ceramic materials

High-functionality/high-performance medical ceramic materials

High-functionality/ high-performance medical ceramic materials