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R&D Center

The confidence of a beautiful smile begins with strong and healthy teeth.
The teeth in our daily life are not only for aesthetic looks, but also play an important role in chewing and digesting food.
Vericom continues to research and develop new products for our precious teeth and is growing into a "Small Giant" company that is recognized for
its excellent quality and stability in the global dental material market. At the heart of our success, Vericom's R&D center efficiently utilizes its original and
advanced technology, whilst maintaining a strict quality control guideline for management and production. Our R&D center has gathered highly experienced researchers in composite materials to develop dental biomaterials using a polymer-based composite resin system and high dispersion technology.

Based on the efforts of our R&D center, we strictly manage the efficacy and safety of our products to ensure the best quality using our quality management system. Our motto drives us to add values to our products via strict production management and hygiene control, leading us to expand as one of the best manufacturers in the worldwide dental market.

Since the development of the first Korean composite resin, "DenFil," we have created and manufactured more than 60 types of dental biomaterials, most of which possess the title 'Korea's first.' Continuing this endeavor, we strive to introduce the excellence of Korean dental materials to the world.
Particularly, products that will lead the future digital dentistry market such as, "MAZIC Duro," a hybrid ceramic for CAD/CAM, "MAZIC-D," a 3D resin for 3D printing system, "Well-Root ST," a bioceramic sealer, and "U-BOND Ortho," a light-cured orthodontic bonding agent, are state-of-the-art products that only a few market-leading companies are capable of producing.

We are closely partnered with national laboratories, universities, and large businesses to consistently challenge ourselves in developing new medical technologies, such as brand-new biomaterials implementing biomimetic technology, biocompatible bio-ceramic materials, medical 3D printing ceramic materials, and medical ceramic materials with improved performance and quality.

Impression Materials

Restorative Materials

Preventive Materials

Endodontic Materials

Block Materials for CAD/CAM

3D Printing Materials

Miscellaneous Laboratory Materials