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The world's largest dental exhibition, IDS 2023

관리자 2023.06.26

The world's largest dental exhibition, IDS 2023, celebrating its 100th anniversary, was held in Cologne, Germany. At IDS 2023, VERICOM Co., Ltd. conducted seminars on three products in their booth, focusing on clinical cases and success stories of Well-Root ST/PT, MAZIC Duro, and MAZIC D Temp/SG.



VERICOM's seminars featuring outstanding products:

The first seminar was conducted by the renowned endodontist, Dr. Walter Vargas Obando. He presented clinical cases of Well-Root ST and Well-Root PT, which have been widely recognized for their superior quality in the root canal sealer market. Dr. Walter Vargas Obando praised the products, stating, "Well-Root PT, in particular, can be conveniently applied during procedures as a premixed type, and clinically, it has provided extremely safe data." He emphasized that Well-Root ST has a high content of calcium aluminosilicate compared to other brands, highlighting its excellent sealing properties, high pH, and biocompatibility.




The next seminar focused on Hybrid Ceramic, MAZIC Duro, and was presented by Dr. Han Jong-mok, the director of Myeonghak Dental Specialty Hospital. Dr. Han showcased long-term data and explained accumulated cases over several years, once again mentioning the superiority of MAZIC Duro (Hybrid Ceramic) and Resin Cement (U-Cem Premium) through the seminar.



Lastly, Prosthodontist Dr. Lee Do-yeon introduced the MAZIC D Temp/SG product. Dr. Lee explained the environmental and health risks posed by VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in dental and laboratory settings using 3D Printer Resin. They emphasized the importance of resin selection based on VOCs tests and repeatedly highlighted the safety of VERICOM's products. VERICOM successfully concluded IDS 2023, achieving excellence in dental technology, and is expected to continue growing and advancing in IDS 2025, embodying innovation.