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PR Center


Symbol mark

Vericom's symbol is a visual representation of the image that Vericom intends to pursue.
It is the most important element of the Vericom system and is the key to any visual activity.
It was formed as a major identity of the "Company that makes a bright smile".
As a way of expressing this, the symbol was constructed with the motif of Vericom's "Brightening laughing smilie(trust)."
The diffusion phenomenon of the goal is expressed in the form of transfer from the center,
and the trust (VERICOM Red) and the robustness (VERICOM Black) are expressed in color.
The shape of the symbol is a form of expressing a bright smile, and it has the meaning of spreading to the whole of Vericon and flying.
The symbol mark cannot be used without Vericom's consent,
and must be manufactured in accordance with specifications, colors, and locations and etc.

Symbol mark Minimum Size

vericom 가로 20mm

Symbol mark Mono Color

vericom black 30%

Symbol mark Grid System

It is a regulation on the proportion and drawing of the Vericom symbol mark.
It cannot be randomly constructed and used to maintain image consistency.
In principle, it should be used in compliance with the proposed proportional regulation.


Vericom's Logotype is the most important element of the Vericom CI system as a starting point for maximizing readability,
and is key to all visual activities along with the Vericom symbol.
In order to maintain image consistency, thorough management and control of its use are necessary.
Any modification of this logo type is not possible.

English type

VERICOM English type

Korean type

VERICOM Korean type

Logotype Grid System