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Hompage Guidance

Hompage Guidance

Terms of Use

General provisions

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of these General Terms and Conditions is to provide rights, obligations, and duties between the site and the members wherein users use the Internet related services (hereinafter referred to as “Services”) of the VERICOM Website provided by VERICOM CO.,Ltd.. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company").

Article 2 (Effectiveness and Modification of General Terms and Conditions)

①These General Terms and Conditions shall come into effect in relation to all users who intend to use the services provided by the Company.

②The Company may change these General Terms and Conditions and changed shall come into effect after being publicly announced same way as section 1

Article 3 (Definitions of Terms)

The definitions of terms used in these General Terms and Conditions shall be as follows.

①“Member” shall refer to a person who consents to these General Terms and Conditions as an agent or a seller selling the products of VERICOM, specifies his or her personal information on the form of membership application at the VERICOM Website, and obtains approval from a service administrator.

②Applicant : A person who makes a formal application as an individual or a group

③ID : It refers to a combination of letters and numbers determined by the member and approved by the site for member identification and service use.

④Password : It refers to a combination of letters and numbers set by the member in order to confirm that the member is a member that matches the ID given by the member and to protect the member's own confidentiality.

⑤Termination : It refers to the cancellation of the service contract by the site or member.

Chapter 2. Service Use Agreement

Article 4 (Formation of Use Agreement)

①If you click the 「Consent」button, you will be deemed to have consented to collection of personal information.

②A use agreement shall be formed when the Company approves a member’s application for use specified in this Article

Article 5 (Application for Use)

①An application for use shall be filed by specifying relevant records according to the predetermined form and method, online or an independent method for use determined by the Company.

②All user information entered on the subscription application form is considered to be actual data. Users who do not enter their real name or actual information are not legally protected and may be restricted from service.

Article 6 (Approval of Application for Use)

①The company may approve such an application except for the case of Section 2 and 3.

②The Company may not approve each of the following applications for use.

-Where the Company does not have sufficient facilities for use of the services

-Where it is impossible to provide the services for technical grounds

-Where it is otherwise difficult to approve uses on any other grounds.

③The Company may not approve each of the following applications for use:

-Where an applicant files an application by specifying false required matters at the time of filing

-Where an ID (Email) or company information specified is not accurate

-Where an applicant files an application for the purpose of undermining the society's social orders or good morals

-Where any other requirements for application for use determined by the Company are not satisfied.

Article 7 (Rejection of membership application and forced withdrawal)

①If a person who applied for membership by stealing another person’s PIN, company may reject the membership application.

②Even after the membership application has been approved, if false information is discovered, the honor of 'user' is damaged, or pornography or unsound content is posted, the membership may be forcibly withdrawn.

Article 8 (Change of user’s information)

Where there is a change in the member information specified by a member at the time of his or her application for use, the member shall directly make a change(s) online, and shall be responsible for any problem that may arise due to his or her not doing so.

Chapter 3. Duties of Contracting Parties

Article 9 (Duties of Company)

①The Company shall provide each of the following services:

-To provide new service and send new letter related to the domain information

-Automatic input of personal information when registering additional domains

-Various additional services for domain registration and management

②The Company shall not disclose or distribute to a third party a member’s personal information that it knows with respect to the provision of the services without his or her approval provided.

However, that an exception shall be made where there are lawful procedures under the provisions of the laws.

-When there is a request from a national agency in accordance with laws such as the Framework Act on Telecommunications

-When there is a criminal investigation purpose or at the request of the Information Communication Ethics Committee

-When there is a request in accordance with the procedures stipulated by other related laws

③The site is obligated to provide the service continuously and reliably in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Members’ Duties

①The members shall not engage in each of the following activities in using the services.

-To wrongfully use another member’s email address or password

-To use the information obtained by use of the services for duplication, performance, broadcasting, display, distribution, publication, etc. by way of copying, processing, translation, or secondary copyright works, etc. other than for a member’s personal use, or provide the information to a third party

-To infringe upon the copyrights and other rights of the Company and other third parties

-Disseminate to others any information, sentence, figure, or voice against public order and/or good morals and manners

-To engage in any activity which is objectively found to be related to crimes

-To engage in any other activity in violation of relevant laws

②The members shall comply with the requirements specified in these General Terms and Conditions and the service use information or matters of caution.

③The members shall comply with the restrictions on use posted on the notifications or independently notified by the Company for each of the contents.

Chapter 4 Provision and Use of Services

Members’ Responsibilities for Management of Member IDs and Passwords

①The members shall be responsible for managing their log-in information of IDs (emails) and passwords. The members shall be responsible for all the consequences resulting from their negligence management or wrongful use of log-in information.

②In the event that a member’s ID (email), password, or company information is used by a third party without permission, the member must notify the Company thereof.

Article 12 (Restriction and suspension on Services)

①Where it is difficult to normally use the services due to national urgencies, power failures, failures of relevant equipment, or excessive uses, etc., or where there is a significant ground for administration or business.

②When the site restricts or suspends the use of the service pursuant to the provisions of Paragraph 1, it shall notify the member of the reason and the period of restriction without delay.

Chapter 5. Modification and Termination of the Service

Article 13 (change of information)

Where there is a change in the matters specified by a member at the time of his or her application for use, the member shall make a change(s), online or an independent method for use determined by the Company.

Article 14. Termination of the Service

The Members can apply for the termination of the Service Agreement at any time in use of the menu provided in the Services. The Company will take actions accordingly in a swift manner as prescribed under the relevant laws and regulations.

Upon termination of the Service Agreement, any information associated with the Vericom Account and the Individual Service shall be deleted

If a member wishes to terminate the use contract in accordance with each of the following clauses, the site shall notify the user of the intention 7 days before the termination action and give him an opportunity to explain it.

①When the user violates the restriction on use or does not resolve the reason for restriction within the restriction period

②When the Information Communication Ethics Committee requests whether to cancel it

③When the user fails to respond to the statement of opinion without a justifiable reason

④When an application is made in the name of another person, or a service contract is signed with false information in the application form or attached false documents

The Company may restrict subscriptions to users who have been terminated pursuant to the above regulations for a period specified separately.

Chapter 6 (Compensation for Damages)

Article 15 (Exemptions)

①The Company is exempted from liability for damages arising from the member's failure to obtain the expected benefit from the provision of the service or the selection or use of service materials.

②The Company is exempted from liability in the event of service failure or damage to the member's data due to reasons attributable to the member or the intention of a third party.

③The Company is exempted from responsibility for the content of materials posted or transmitted by members.

④In the case of trademarked domains, the member party of the purchase is responsible for any damages or compensation that may occur due to this, and the site does not take any responsibility for this.

Article 16 (Governing Laws and Competent Court of Jurisdiction)

The General Terms and Conditions for Service Use and the Personal Information Handling Policies shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea.


Supplementary provision

This privacy policy was established on September 2020